There is a chance that she will go blind - Part 3

When she is almost 4 months old, we finally get the call for Maastricht, we set off in good spirits. Finally we get answers, or so we thought. We are looking for a babysitter for the oldest, and together with Fleur's twin sister we go to Maastricht. Two babies on an investigation for an unknown eye condition? I can tell you a party! It takes some art and flying work though.

Anyway, the doctor, an older man, is doing his tests with Fleur. Again with that crazy spreader, and again she has to cry. And again I will join her! Not just me, guess what twins do? They cry together! Fun.! The doctor looks, makes his findings and says: sir madam, I don't know .. I could operate on her eye .. Then the pupil drops to the right place. I just don't have such small surgical equipment, we would have to wait a while before we can. But there is a chance that she will become blind. That is up to you which choice you want to make.

We had to go home with this message completely reported, and we would make things concrete in a follow-up appointment. Are you in the car, an hour back home, with 2 babies of 4 months old, and you have to make a decision whether to let your child operate / go blind? That's impossible!! How can you make a choice here? IMPOSSIBLE!!! This breaks your mother's heart. A few weeks pass and we decide not to have an operation. This cannot be done. When it has to and there are no other options, it should. But now, NO. After a while our phone rings late on Monday night, I'm guessing it was sometime in the summer. Madam, speak to Dr. .... From the hospital in Maastricht, sorry for calling so late. Is it convenient?

* side note: shocked me! Hubby was working. "Uhh" I stutter "Yes, madam, on Wednesday morning I have x number of ophthalmologists in Maastricht for a conference, could you come with Fleur at 9.30? Maybe they know what she's got? Okay, I have to arrange that, work sitter. You know it .. But we succeeded. And we went to Maastricht. Again with 2 babies and son at grandpa and grandma. X number of doctors are looking at our 6-month-old child, and well, we don't really know anything about it. Well, says a doctor in training, I recently heard about it, "one moment" he shouts. And he disappears into an office. An eternity passes, and there is the young man again. A letter in his hands in Latin, but yes it is! A name that I can then never pronounce again. Diagnosis, there is 1 doctor in the Netherlands who knows about it. In Rotterdam, I would have gone straight away.

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Written by Jenn

January 2021

Instagram: jenn__1986

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