The bigger her eye, the stranger her pupil got - Part 2

You read the last time I saw a white bolt of thunder in Fleur's eye. I can tell you that was very bizarre. She was 8 days old when we first saw it.

We are going back to February 2014

Since the physician assistant could not see it during a second final check-up, because Fleur was asleep, they decided to call an ophthalmologist. At the end of the day, when all appointments were over at the clinic, Fleur was allowed to come for a check-up. There we walked, at 17:00, a nurse, myself and our 8 day old baby in the cot to the ophthalmologist. Her twin sister Eef stayed with the sisters in Neonatology, Daan was with grandpa and grandma, and my husband was working. He would come and get us later.

We are at the ophthalmologist and at first glance he sees nothing, not surprising. A baby of 8 days old, just 2.5 kilos .. 48 cm tall .. Small child, small eye sir !!

I knew that! .. Poor child, the ophthalmologist saw nothing, and decides to use an eye diffuser. Get it, but hey, friend! My little mini baby! Is that now necessary? I got angry ... I cried. Together with Fleur. And still! I find it difficult when I think back to that. She is so small. She is not asking for this. Anyway, back to then.

He opens her eye, and no matter how misery she has, he saw whatever I saw. That bolt of thunder! Completely clear in sight. A bizarre crazy white stripe in the center of the pupil. And that good man looks very attentively. He doesn't know.

A second doctor is called in, a woman. I couldn't do her then, but I could now. She has been our Fleur's regular ophthalmologist for almost 7 years now. She looks and says, I don't know. I think I know who does know, I will send you to Rotterdam with Fleur ...

Please, ma'am .. Prefer a closer look, I just gave birth. Okay, I think the academic hospital in Maastricht can also help you further. No sooner said than done. We are forwarded with this very unknown message and can wait for an appointment with the ophthalmologist in Maastricht. We can go home, Dad is coming to pick us up. And we can enjoy it.

The days that followed turned into weeks, and the older Fleur got, the faster her eye grew, and the bigger the bolt of thunder grew. Actually, after a few weeks it is no longer a bolt of thunder .. But more of a strand. It is high, always at 12 o'clock. And the bigger her eye, the crazier her pupil became. I can't put my finger on it. But I see something about it.

Written by Jenn
January 2021

Instagram: jenn__1986

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