What could it be? - Part 1

Goocha - What could it be? Eye abnormality - rare

How nice that you are going to read this blog. I am Jenny, mother of 3 children. One boy and two girls. Our son is our fun package, which we experience a lot every day. Our daughters are identical girl twins.

Before I get to the core of my story, I would like to take you with me
back in time. This story is about us Fleur. Fleur is the oldest of the
twins, with a very rare congenital eye defect.

Nice that you are reading

We are going to February 2014.

During the last check I have with the gynecologist, Mrs.
tell me that she has lost a child. She's on the ultrasound
looking for two heads at the top of the abdomen. The
ladies in rump. And they've been doing the 'disco dance' to my stomach for months.
Believe me from 1 child this is not pleasant, can you imagine how it
is when there are 2 kids having a disco party in there. Anyway, 2 kids
so, and only 1 head at the top .. I smile and indicate to her that there is
really no child has spontaneously lost at 36 weeks
pregnancy. After some further research, we find out that our
Fleur who was child B, has turned around and is
in the head position. She crawled, spontaneously became our A .. already 7
months she was the second to come into the world, and now she came
first. I can tell you that it is quite a changeover so last
minute. The caesarean section was scheduled 5 days later.

They were there, finally ... Two puffs of children, because they were born with
36.5 and the lungs were not fully ripe, they have
spent a few days in neonatology, then there were none
stall hotels or luxury suites. Just a normal room for that
mothers and the clouds were in a separate department.

Now that is much better arranged, I believe that such a nice stall
suite really does contribute to the bond you get with your children.

We were always allowed to go to them, and we were always allowed to
sleep, whenever we wanted. After 8 days up and down, from home to
hospital hopping, we were allowed to go home. And then, on day 8,
our adventure began. After the check-up of the pediatrician, and completely
declared healthy, they were allowed to go home. Our Fleur was with me
the arms, and she opened her eyes. Something wasn't right. She was
declared sane, but what I saw was strange. I pressed the button and the
nursing comes. I want to show it again, but Fleur is asleep again.

The physician assistant was called up and came back to look at
Fleur. I had seen a white bolt of thunder in her eye, her left one
eyelet, on top at 12 o'clock.

What could it be?

Written by Jenn
January 2021
Instagram: jenn__1986

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