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The impact is big

The impact of eye problems such as low vision, blindness and eye diseases is often very underestimated. Human eyes are very vulnerable and unfortunately the problem is getting worse: the number of people with eye problems or eye diseases keeps growing. In addition, people often wait to long to have their eyes checked when they have problems, which means that action is taken too late and the damage might be for good. But! For seven out of ten people this can be prevented, by protecting the eyes and recognizing and treating eye diseases in time. Protecting the eyes starts with your child.

Your eyes and the sun - UV-radiation

It is known that UV radiation is harmful to the skin, but the fact that UV radiation is harmful to the eyes is not well known to everyone. You don't actually notice the damage immediately, but the consequences of exposure to excessive sunlight can become noticeable later in life. For example, eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts can occur, the two most common eye diseases among the elderly in the Netherlands. That is why it is important to take good care of the eyes from a young age. Children are more often outside than most adults, we can say that children under the age of 18 are already exposed to 80% of the UV radiation of their lives. It is therefore also advisable to provide your child with good sunglasses. to prevent eye damage later in life.

The Eyefund Foundation Netherlands does something about it

The Eyefund Foundation Netherlands and sponsors, individuals and organisations are working together on the problem. For example, the organisation is involved in various projects and conducts scientific studies to reduce blindness, low vision and eye diseases.

Goodcha in collaboration with Eyefund Foundation Netherlands

Goodcha and the Foundation work together to prevent unnecessary visual impairment and blindness.

This fundraising organization is committed to better visibility for everyone. It does this by funding scientific research for blindness, low vision and eye disorders. And information to the Dutch public. A very nice collaboration!

When you buy baby sunglasses or children sunglasses at Goodcha, you automatically donate 1 Euro to the Eyefund Foundation

At Goodcha, we believe it is important that the eyes of babies and children are well protected from the sun to minimize the risk of eye damage at a later stage in life.

That's why Goodcha donates 1 Euro to the Eyefund Foundation per sold baby- or children sunglasses and want to contribute to scientific research.

For more information about the Eyefund Foundation Netherlands, please visit: www.oogfonds.nl

Thanks everyone for your support and contribution. We will continue donating 1 Euro per sold baby or children sunglasses to the Eyefund Foundation Netherlands.

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