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How often do you see a newborn or child with sunglasses on?

The sun is getting stronger and more harmful. Not only for the skin but also for the eyes. Research has proven that children under the age of 10 have an increased risk of damage to the eyes and unfortunately only 4% of babies and children wear sunglasses every day.
At Goodcha we think it is important that the eyes of babies and children are well protected from the sun and that they can enjoy their environment without having to worry about their sunglasses and at the same time look awesome!
That's why our slogan is: “Practically, Fashionable.”

We want you to make 'wearing sunglasses for your baby or child' part of your "going out" routine.

The idea originated in 2020, when founders Charita and Michael walked on the beach of Scheveningen on a sunny day. It came to their attention that a child kept squinting his eyes to get a good look at his environment. The mother did wear sunglasses. By looking around, they saw that approximately 95% of all children did not wear sunglasses. Not only on the beach, but in everyday life, while most parents did wear sunglasses.

"This resulted in qualitative, fashionable, safe and indestructible sunglasses designs for babies and children."

It soon became clear to Charita and Michael that there was a problem here, and shortly afterwards started designing fashionable, safe and indestructible newborn and children's sunglasses and entered into discussions with various high-quality sunglasses manufacturers from all over the world to discuss the possibilities.
This resulted in qualitative, fashionable, safe and indestructible sunglasses designs and Goodcha was able to launch its product by spring 2021.
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