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In 'The Goodcha Podcast' Mike & Mitch talk to special people about parenthood. When am I a good mother? How do I get more involved in raising my child as a father? But we also discuss topics that have become taboo for us. So that we can learn from it together.

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See below an overview of the episodes (Dutch sproken).

#1: TWEE MANNEN die over BABY'S PRATEN?! | The Goodcha Podcast S1E1

#2: MARILYNSCHRIJFT over jong MOEDER zijn, grappige KIDS hebben en INSTAGRAM | The Goodcha Podcast S1E2

#3: DESIRÉ over haar droevig ONGELUK, full time MOEDER zijn en anderen HELPEN | The Goodcha Podcast S1E3

#4: KELLY over HEUPDYSPLASIE, cruciale AFSPRAKEN en PROJECT GEORDEND | The #Goodcha​ Podcast S1E4

#5: Do not leave for TOMORROW what you CAN DO TODAY | The #Goodcha​ Podcast S1E5

#6: Hoe MAAK je TIJD als MOEDER voor hechte VRIENDSCHAPPEN? | The #Goodcha Podcast S1E6