Why Goodcha


You probably think "what exactly are Goodcha sunglasses and what makes these sunglasses different from other sunglasses?". Fair question!

Goodcha sunglasses are sunglasses specially designed for babies and children to protect their eyes from the sun in a comfortable, sustainable, safe and at the same time fashionable way.

The baby sunglasses and children sunglasses are ideal for babies and children because the sunglasses have some specific features.

The features of Goodcha baby and children sunglasses in a row:

  • 100% UV protection

Our baby and children sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. The sunglasses protect the eyes against UVA + UVB rays and fall under category 3.

  • BPA-free

BPA (Bisfenol-A) is a chemical that harms the body in case of excessive intake. BPA is found in plastics and fortunately it is being promoted more that BPA is harmful to the body and people should buy BPA-free products for their children. Goodcha sunglasses' material is 100% BPA-free.

  • Sustainable

Our baby and children sunglasses are sustainable. To start with, our sunglasses are produced in a human-friendly way and made of sustainable material that is recycable. The sunglasses last a long time because they are indestructible and do not contain any toxic substances.

  • Material complies with the European regulation for chemicals: REACH

The material of our products complies with the European Chemicals Regulation: REACH and the United States Federal Government Agency: FDA.

  • EN ISO12312-1 2013 & CE certified

Goodcha sunglasses are EN ISO12312-1 2013 & CE certified, the European standard for personal protective equipment .

  • Indestructible

Because our baby and children sunglasses are made of flexible rubber, our sunglasses are undestructible. Ideal for the little children who sometimes bend the sunglasses, drop them or accidentally sit on them.

  • Polarised lenses

All our sunglasses have polarised lenses to block the glare and reflection of light. Polarised lenses block the glare and reflection of light better than other types of sunglass lenses.

  • Comfortable

Our sunglasses are comfortable around the head of the children with an adjustable removable strap.

Not only safe but also TRENDY sunglasses

Additionally, we think it is important that your baby and or child fashionable so we've given it a fashionable twist! Goodcha’s designs have been applied bas on various research results so that your baby or child will always have a sunny day with the most fashionable sunglasses on.

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